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What types of damages can I receive after my car accident?

Workers' compensation is a type of insurance that is available through a worker's employer. Because it provides protections for injured workers and their families, it is important to be familiar with the circumstances under which workers' compensation may be used.

Workers' compensation provides protections for workers in circumstances of workplace injuries or illnesses. Worker's compensation benefits are considered no-fault, which means they are generally available regardless of the circumstances that led to the injury or illness. Workers' compensation benefits can help with a variety of concerns that injured workers and their families may face.

Slip-and-fall injuries at big stores can cause serious injuries

Going to the store is something that may hurt your wallet, but it shouldn't leave you injured anywhere else. Any business that has a facility open to the public has an obligation to maintain safe facilities. Unfortunately, with large stores, it is easy for maintenance issues and cleaning issues to go unattended for some time.

This can lead to an unfortunate accident, such as a slip-and-fall incident. Slipping on a wet surface, overly waxed floors or spilled items can lead to serious, even life-altering, injuries. People who experience a slip-and-fall can end up suffering traumatic brain injuries, soft tissue injuries and broken bones. If the circumstances of your slip-and-fall incident relate to a failure on the part of a business owner to maintain safe facilities, you may have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Bankruptcy vocabulary: Do you know these 3 terms?

When it comes to learning any new topic, vocabulary is key. After all, if you know the "lingo," you won't be caught off-guard when your bankruptcy attorney or the bankruptcy judge refers to different important topics.

Ultimately, learning all the terms you need to know to successfully navigate a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy process takes time -- and that's why bankruptcy lawyers spend years studying and practicing law to perfect their knowledge of the topic. However, it never hurts to know a few basics before you engage in a serious legal process like bankruptcy.

What types of damages can I receive after my car accident?

As any car accident victim knows, car accident damages are helpful to understand. Victims of car accidents will likely quickly find that they run into a number of unexpected expenses following a car accident and costs and may wonder what they can do about it.

One of the most common types of damages associated with a car accident, that victims may be able to recover through a personal injury claim for damages, are medical expenses. Car accident victims may encounter many different types of medical expenses including consultations with medical and health care providers and professionals; ambulance fees; physical and cognitive therapy; accessories such as crutches or heating pads; and the costs of in-home services. Damages for disfigurement and disability may also be available as the circumstances warrant. In some situations, car accident damages may also include future medical care costs.

Workers' compensation benefits can be a lifesaver

A workplace injury or illness can have a far-reaching impact on injured workers, which is why they should be familiar with what the need to do after an accident, and learn about the help available to get them back on their feet.

First, the worker should get immediate medical attention, if necessary. The worker should report the injury to his or her employer as soon as possible. If all goes smoothly, the worker will be able to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits, and the benefits will pay for medical care and provide some income while the employee is unable to return to work. However, it is very common for claims to be rejected or for benefits to be insufficient to cover medical bills and expenses. A workers' compensation attorney can be crucial in helping workers fight for their rights.

How medical debt can push you into bankruptcy

You have always carefully watched your financial decisions. You limited credit card debt to only what you could pay off during the month. You bought a house that cost far less than you could actually afford. You bought a used car with your savings so you would not have a car payment. You never took out payday loans or other high-interest loans.

For years, you worked on your credit score. You made smart decisions. Even though you heard stories about people getting trapped by massive debt, you never thought it would happen to you.

What property is exempt from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Personal bankruptcy protections serve as an important resource for individuals struggling with debt who are seeking a fresh start. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one type of personal bankruptcy that may allow the filing party to liquidate their assets to repay creditors.

It is important to understand that Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not require the filing party to start from scratch following their bankruptcy. Understanding that some types of property are exempt from the bankruptcy process may help quell some anxiety the filing party may feel concerning the process. Once a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing has been made, an automatic stay also goes into effect that prevents creditor collection actions during the process.

What workers' compensation benefits can I receive in Missouri?

Workers' compensation benefits can be a vital lifeline for workers unable to work while they recover from a workplace injury or illness. It is essential for workers to be familiar with the types of benefits that are available to them when they have suffered harm in a workplace accident or are suffering from an occupational illness.

Workers' compensation benefits are an important protection for workers. Benefits for different categories of disabilities may also be available. In addition, benefits may be available for surviving family members of a worker killed in a workplace accident and include benefits for funeral expenses.

3 things you should know about store slip-and-fall incidents

You go to the same store once a week to stock up on groceries and supplies. You've done this for the last six years, ever since you moved into your new home. The store is close to your house, it has a great selection and you like the prices.

For years, that visit is completely uneventful. Then, as you turn a corner onto a new aisle, eyes scanning the shelves for the next item on your list, you slip and fall.

Why did we have over 40,000 traffic fatalities yet again?

Traffic fatalities declined for years, as cars got safer. Airbags saved lives. Crash-warning systems prevented accidents. Back-up cameras helped people see more clearly. Seat belts preserved lives and reduced injuries. Continuous advancements meant that driving โ€” while still the most dangerous thing that most people will ever do โ€” kept getting safer.

In 2016, traffic fatalities rose to more than 40,000. That's a fairly stunning change, and one that worries experts. In 2017, the National Safety Council now estimates that more than 40,000 people died yet again.

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