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Recent winter storm leads to many car crashes in Missouri

As people are aware a major winter storm swept through Missouri recently. The storm brought snow and ice to the area. While some people may like the snow from time to time, it does make driving on the roads dangerous. In the state there were reports of 878 car accidents. In those accidents 57 people were injured and unfortunately four people lost their lives as a result of the accidents. There were also approximately 4000 calls for help from stranded drivers.

When there is bad weather it is even more important that drivers drive carefully on the roads. It is important to slow down, ensure there is enough space between them and car ahead of them and not take any chances. It is much more difficult to stop, make turns and do other simple tasks of driving. When people do not take extra precautions car accidents can easily occur and involve many vehicles due to their inability to avoid the accident. As a result people can also suffer severe injuries and even die.

Eligibility requirements for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Life for people in Missouri can be unpredictable. People can plan for things as much as they possibly can, but there are some things that people cannot plan for or control at all. This could be a car accident or another type of accident leaving the person with severe injuries. It could also be if the person is diagnosed with cancer or another major disease that requires significant medical treatment. These can completely change people's lives as well as their families' lives.

When these catastrophic injuries occur, people may not be able to work and that can put a significant financial burden on the person as they recover from their injuries. They may need to take out private loans or turn to credit cards in order to meet their monthly living expenses. They also could incur significant medical bills even with health insurance. After people incur all of these debts, it can be very difficult to dig themselves out of the hole even after they are able to go back to work.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers fast financial relief

There are hundreds of ways to find yourself overwhelmed with debt, and the longer that it piles up, the more difficult it is to maintain a clear perspective. Often, the stress of financial debts clouds our minds and grinds our motivation to a halt, paralyzing us into doing nothing, because we often feel as though nothing can be done.

Fortunately, many people who have unsustainable debt may have the opportunity to discharge that debt with bankruptcy, with Chapter 7 bankruptcy being the most common and most widely available. Bankruptcy offers many advantages to consumers who choose to use it, providing relief not only from much of the debt itself, but also from the collections tactics of creditors.

4 ways credit card debt can sneak up on you

Credit card debt is rampant through Cape Girardeau as well as the rest of the United States. While some people are able to keep up with their payments or only use their cards for emergencies, many others use credit cards to purchase groceries, pay monthly utilities bills and other daily expenses. While these are some of the most common ways that people find themselves with overwhelming credit card debt, there are several other ways that credit card debt can catch you by surprise and wreck your finances.

The best way to avoid credit card debt is to stay away from credit cards altogether. Unfortunately, this is not an option for a lot of people or for those trying to establish a high enough credit score to qualify for a car or home loan. Knowing about the less obvious ways credit card debt can sneak up on you can help you avoid some of the hidden traps.

Process after filing a workers' compensation claim

It generally does not matter how much people like their jobs in Missouri, most people still need to go in order to earn income and provide for themselves and their families. So, for the most part people go to their jobs, do what they are required to do and go home afterwards. However, in order to be able to go each day, workers need to be healthy enough to do their job. If they have injuries or illnesses they may not be able to go and would not be able to earn the income.

Injuries can happen anywhere, but when they occur at work they can be particularly frustrating. However, workers know that when working with heavy machinery and other things, there are dangers involved. When the machines and other equipment do not work properly workers can be injured as a result and can leave them in a very difficult position both physically and financially.

Will my own actions interfere with a slip-and-fall injury case?

Imagine you are walking through the grocery store when you get a text. The next thing you know, you're lying flat on your back. You don't remember what happened. All you know is that you have a splitting headache! What happened?

Apparently, you slipped on some yogurt in the dairy isle. Now you're dealing with a traumatic brain injury and what doctors are saying could be a permanent disability. That slippery yogurt never should have been there.

Alcohol is involved in many car accidents in Missouri

There are a number of reasons that car accidents occur in Missouri. Some reasons are out of the control of the driver such as when there is bad weather. However, most of the time the accidents are due to the drivers making mistakes. This could be that a driver ran a stop sign or stop light, did not look before changing lanes, were distracted on their phones or other things, speeding or one of the most dangerous reasons, driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Now that the holiday season is here, there are many parties and gatherings that people will be attending and often times these events involve alcohol. So, it is extra important during this season to ensure that people do not drive drunk. There are many accidents when alcohol is involved. The statistics show that the number of accidents has been going down throughout the years, but in 2014 there were still a large number of accidents. There were 189 fatal accidents and 2,424 accidents in which people were injured.

Common reasons for slip-and-fall accidents at stores

While online shopping may be becoming more and more common in Missouri, people still need to go to stores and other places of business every day. This could be the grocery store, a convenience store, department stores or many other places. When people enter into these places the property owners have a duty to keep the floors free of dangerous conditions, which may cause people to fall or be injured in other ways.

There are many reasons that people may slip and fall, but some are more common than others. These reasons include, but are not limited to, the property owners failing to warn people of wet floors or not putting up barriers to prevent people from walking in wet areas. Sometimes the floors may have too much wax or be unevenly waxed creating different floor textures as people walk. The carpet could be worn or torn, rugs fray or are not put down all the way to the ground causing people to trip and many other factors.

Injured workers need to know how to apply for workers' comp

The period of time following a workplace accident can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why injured workers should know how to respond when they have been involved in a workplace accident. A workplace injury can have a broad impact on the life of an injured worker and their family, as it can lead to the need for medical care and the inability to work.

Workers' compensation benefits may be available in circumstances of both workplace injuries and occupational illnesses suffered by workers. Knowing what to do following a workplace accident or injury in order to make a claim for workers' compensation benefits is important. Injured workers should know how to gather the documents they need and complete the paperwork to make a workers' compensation claim.

Here are the top benefits of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

If you find yourself in financial distress with concerns about your future, it may be time to learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It's not the best solution for everyone, but it's something to consider. After you learn more, you can then make a final decision as to whether it can benefit you now or down the road.

Here are the top benefits of Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • A fresh start: Once the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process comes to a completion, you're in position to start fresh. While you can't discharge every type of debt (such as student loans), you can rid yourself of most of it. You then have more control of your financial future.
  • No limitation on how much debt you can have: With Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there is a limit on how much debt you can have when filing. This isn't the case with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which makes it easier for people who are swimming in more debt than they can handle.
  • You keep all your future income: One of the biggest disadvantages of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the requirement to repay some or all of your debts through a repayment plan. This means that you won't have much, if any, disposal income in the future. Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn't work the same way, as there is no repayment plan.
  • It's fast: Things can happen that slow down your case, but the discharge of debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy typically occurs within two to three months. A Chapter 13 repayment plan remains in effect for three to five years, thus leaving this hanging over your head.
  • Stop foreclosure: Thanks to the automatic stay, you can stop the foreclosure process. This gives you time to regroup and implement a strategy for staying in your home.
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