Answers And Guidance For Injured Workers

Andrew Tarry of Tarry Law Firm, L.L.C., is an experienced lawyer who has dedicated his legal career to the support of injured individuals, including Missouri workers. If you suffered an injury at work, Mr. Tarry is ready to provide the support you need to effectively navigate the entire workers’ compensation process.

The workers’ compensation claims process is lengthy, complex and confusing. We leverage our experience in this area to fight for the interests of our clients, and we can answer your workers’ compensation questions. You do not have to wonder about your rights or walk through the process on your own — our experienced workers’ compensation attorney will be by your side, every step of the way.

The Information You Need, The Support You Deserve

It is not easy to get the benefits you deserve after a work accident or the onset of an occupational illness. We can provide you with support and guidance as well as answer any questions you have, including the following:

What Benefits Can I Get After A Work Accident?

The specific benefits you could be entitled to receive depend on the nature of your accident and your injuries. They may include recovery of a portion of your lost wages, medical care, continued care and vocational retraining.

Can My Boss Fire Me For Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

You have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits without the fear of losing your job. If you suffered wrongful termination after filing a claim or you are facing the threat of losing your job, you have the right to take action.

What Happens If I Am In A Car Accident While On The Clock?

If you suffered injuries in a car accident that occurred while you were driving for something related to work, you could have a rightful claim to workers’ compensation benefits. However, if a third party is liable for the accident, you may also have grounds for a personal injury claim. We will evaluate your case and determine which option is best for your situation or whether you may have grounds to seek compensation through both types of claims.

If My Job Caused A Previous Injury To Worsen, Can I Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Due to changes in Missouri’s workers’ compensation law, it is difficult to claim workers’ compensation benefits for previous injuries that were aggravated or exacerbated because of a person’s job. However, we will evaluate your case and explore all of the options available to you.

There is a lot at stake after a work accident, and it is crucial to get the full amount of benefits you deserve. We know it is important to get financial support during your recovery, and Mr. Tarry and team will address your concerns and help you fight for a reasonable outcome.

Hurt At Work? We Have The Answers You Need.

Based in Cape Girardeau, our law firm offers free case evaluations for Missouri workers injured on the job. You can schedule a time to speak with our experienced lawyer by calling 573-651-8644 or emailing our office for an appointment.