Criminal Charges Are A Threat To Your Future And Freedom

If you are facing accusations of criminal charges or you believe you are under investigation and could be facing charges soon, you do not have to wait another minute to start building your defense. Having the right defense attorney on your side could be the difference between a not guilty verdict and a permanent criminal record that haunts you for the rest of your life. Tarry Law Firm, L.L.C., in Cape Girardeau helps Missouri clients fight various types of criminal charges.

A conviction for a criminal charge can result in consequences that could follow you for the rest of your life. We will take quick action to protect your rights and start building a defense that suits your needs and objectives. Regardless of the nature of the case against you, we will fight for your future.

A Wide Range Of Criminal Law Services

Since 2001, our criminal defense attorney has defended the interests of individuals accused of a wide range of crimes. We offer defense counsel and legal services in cases pertaining to drug charges, assault and battery, theft, DWI, DUI and more. We also defend people facing negligence and liability claims, as well as any other felony or misdemeanor criminal matters.

From time behind bars to crippling fines, there is a lot at stake. You do not have to wait until the filing of formal charges to seek legal help, but you can start this process even during the investigative stage.

A Defense Lawyer Dedicated To Client Needs

With many years of experience in criminal defense matters, Andrew Tarry is an award-winning lawyer who will walk alongside you through every step of the defense process. His proven experience can benefit you as you fight serious criminal charges.

He offers free initial case evaluations. You can take advantage of this offer by calling 573-651-8644 or emailing our office to make an appointment to discuss your case and learn about your defense options.