Helping Workers Through Tough Times With Workers’ Compensation

Thousands of people every day get injured while at work. In many cases, injured workers eventually return to work after medical treatment. However, what happens if your employer refuses to provide the compensation you’re entitled to? What if they hire someone else for your job? Contact Tarry Law Firm, L.L.C., in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to protect your rights.

Workers, Families, Community

When a worker is injured, it affects the entire family. Lawyer Andrew Tarry works to obtain the best results for your circumstances so you and your family do not continue to struggle. We will guide you every step of the way so you won’t have to guess what to do next. Services we provide include:

  • Fighting for fair time loss compensation
  • Working to see that you receive appropriate medical treatment
  • Researching vocational retraining options
  • Helping you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Pursuing survivor benefits for families whose loved ones suffer fatal injuries

We have our finger on the pulse of southeastern Missouri, and we understand the kinds of struggles workers often deal with. We have assisted injured workers with repetitive motion injuries, occupational diseases and traumatic, life-changing injuries. Our law firm is also ready to stand by you to protect you from harassment or unfair termination after you file a claim for workers’ compensation.

We Are Here To Help You Through

With more than 15 years of proven excellence, attorney Andrew Tarry has been a strong shoulder for many workers to lean on. When we take your case, you can contact us day or night by calling 573-290-2604. Reach out to us today, or use our online form to schedule your FREE consultation.