Back pain after a car crash may require treatment

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Car accidents often leave those involved with bruises and soreness, even when there are no serious injuries. When you’re involved in a crash, you may feel relatively fine afterward, only to realize later that you’re actually quite sore. This is especially true when it comes to back pain. The initial rush of adrenaline can often mask pain after a crash. That’s why it’s important to follow up with your doctor after an accident so that you’re aware of any underlying injuries that could get worse if not treated.

After a crash

Immediately following an accident, you may receive treatment or an evaluation from emergency medical personnel on the scene. If you have any reason to believe that you have an injury, be sure to schedule a checkup with your doctor. Back pain can start out minor and get worse over time if not treated promptly. This pain can also radiate to other areas of the body, which can cause you to experience body fatigue and soreness when sitting, standing, and walking.

Car crashes cause the body to move forward and backward quickly, which can cause many back and neck injuries. Injuries to the spine can lead to long-term pain and degenerative diseases if not treated. Your doctor can order diagnostic tests to check for fractures, herniated discs, or other damage. It’s much easier to treat these problems immediately after the accident and you can generally expect a quicker recovery.

Common injuries

The impact of a car crash can cause spinal fractures, where one or more vertebrae shatter or crack. Back sprains and strains, where the tendons or ligaments are injured, can be very painful and limit your ability to move freely. Herniated discs can cause weakness or numbness which can get worse if not treated.

Some symptoms that you may experience that can indicate an underlying back injury include headaches, numbness, back pain, and neck pain. Back injuries can lead to degenerative spinal conditions over time. Treatment for back injuries may include surgery, physical therapy, and injections.

Help after an accident

When you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident that happened due to another driver’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. Victims of car crashes often require much time to recover, which may lead to time off from work. Medical bills and costs associated with physical therapy can be very expensive. A successful personal injury lawsuit can provide you with funds to help you pay for those unexpected expenses.

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