What are Missouri’s workers’ comp laws?

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All states, including Missouri, have laws that require employers to purchase workers’ comp insurance. This insurance provides benefits to employees who suffer injuries or illness in the workplace in direct relation to their duties. The coverage is part of the workers’ compensation program.

For most Missouri employers, workers’ compensation insurance is required when there are five or more employees on the payroll. An employer in the construction industry, however, must purchase workers’ comp insurance if the company retains one or more employees. Even if an employer is not required by law to carry workers’ comp insurance, it can still be purchased.

Steps to take to file a workers’ comp claim

The first step to accessing the workers’ compensation system is for a worker who has suffered injury or illness in connection with the workplace to report the incident to the employer. The employer takes over from there and sends an injury report to the insurance company. This report must be sent out within five days of the initial injury report or within five days of the onset of injury or illness.

If a worker has suffered fatal injuries on the job, benefits must cover up to $5,000 for burial expenses. There are restrictions regarding who can file a claim in the aftermath of a worker’s death. A Missouri attorney who is knowledgeable about workers’ compensation laws can provide support to families who have lost loved ones or to an employee who has survived a workplace accident. 

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