The most common types of work-related illnesses

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When you go to work, you are likely not thinking of the ways that your job could make you sick. In fact, you may assume that, since your job does not involve physical labor or serious personal risks, you will probably not suffer harm. However, there are many different factors that could lead to physical harm at work, and they do not all involve an accident. In some cases, this harm is the result of toxic exposure or contact with harmful substances.

If your job or your work conditions made you sick, there are options available to you. You may have grounds to pursue compensation through a certain type of insurance coverage carried by your employer. You will benefit from learning more about different types of toxic exposure, workplace-related illnesses and your right to recovery.

How can your job make you sick?

Many different types of employers are required to carry something called workers’ compensation insurance, which is designed to provide financial support for workers who suffer an injury while performing their job duties or those that become ill as a result of their work environment. Many workers’ compensation claims result from incidents that involve physical injuries, but they may also be an option for those suffering from a work-related illness, which can include:

  • A preexisting medical condition made worse by work requirements, such as asthma
  • Tuberculosis or other sicknesses that can come from exposure to sick patients or customers
  • Diseases of the heart, lungs or other organs that come from long-term exposure to dangerous toxins
  • Specific types of chemical poisoning or illnesses that come from direct contact with cleaning supplies, solvents and other harmful solutions

Each claim is different, but this coverage could allow you to secure compensation for your lost wages, medical care you require and help you may need as you return to work. These claims are time-sensitive, and your quick action can make a difference in the success of your claim.

Don’t navigate the claims system alone

It is not always easy to navigate the Missouri workers’ compensation claims system. If you believe that you have a valid claim as a result of workplace exposure, you may benefit from an assessment of your case and explanation of the legal options that are available to you. The process can be difficult and confusing, and professional guidance may be helpful.

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