Common illnesses and injuries reported by employers

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Even with the most advanced safety policies in place, workplace accidents can happen. These types of events can result in serious injuries, expensive medical bills and time away from work. All of these things can accumulate into a grave financial situation for the employee. Thankfully, the intent of workers’ compensation insurance is to provide financial support for workers who have suffered injuries at work or who became ill as a result of their jobs. 

If you are suffering from a medical condition caused by your work or made worse by your job requirements, you have the right to seek compensation through a workers’ comp claim. It may be in your interests to learn about how the claims process workers, common types of injuries employers often report and how to maximize the recovery available to you. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to pursue a full and fair recovery. 

What counts as a work-related injury? 

Not every injury-related situation may be grounds for a workers’ compensation claim. There are limits to what counts as a compensable injury, and it may be helpful to learn about whether you have the option to seek recovery through a claim. If the following apply to your situation, you may have a valid claim: 

  • A specific injury at work caused the injury. 
  • Repetitive tasks required by your job resulted in the development of your injury. 
  • An earlier job-related disability recently recurred. 
  • Your work caused the exacerbation of a medical condition you already had. 

There are situations in which toxic exposure in the workplace can lead to the development of serious medical conditions. This is also a valid reason to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Some of the most common work-related illnesses could include lung disease and respiratory illnesses, chemical poisoning, silicosis and more. A careful assessment of your specific situation could help you understand if you have grounds to file a claim. 

Fighting for your recovery 

The impact of a work-related illness or injury is serious, and you do not have to navigate the claims process alone. An assessment of your injury and potential claim can help you understand what options are available to you. Workers’ compensation claims are time-sensitive, and your quick action can make a difference in the success of your claim. If you are unsure of where to begin, it may help to discuss your options with a professional.  

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