Missouri collision caused by unsafe lane change

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At approximately 7 p.m. on a recent Monday evening, a disaster occurred on a Missouri highway. In the wake of the tragedy, someone somewhere likely received news that a loved one died. Several other crash victims were being treated for serious injuries. The collision involved five vehicles and was reportedly caused by one driver’s unsafe maneuver.

The driver in question is said to have numerous traffic violations on record for 2022. This individual attempted to pass another vehicle on the road by veering into a turning lane and cutting back over. In the process, the passing vehicle struck the rear of the other car, which then triggered a chain of collisions.

Driver of the passing vehicle was ejected

The initial impact of the collision caused the passing vehicle to flip over multiple times and the driver was ejected. A door from the car became airborne and struck two other vehicles. Sadly, it struck and killed the driver or another vehicle.

3 people hurt seriously

Rescuers transported three people to a local hospital. All of them were listed in serious condition. Closely monitoring a seriously injured patient in the first 24 hours after an accident is crucial. Missouri law allows recovering victims to seek compensation for damages when a collision was caused by driver negligence. If someone dies because of a car accident, an immediate family member may act on the decedent’s behalf to file a legal claim.

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