Filing a workers’ comp claim after a company event

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A Missouri recycling center recently held an electronics event where employees, members of the public and local firefighters were present. What was expected to be a pleasant Saturday morning became a disaster when a motor vehicle accident occurred on site. Five people, including a recycling employee, several firefighters and another individual suffered injuries when a pickup truck driver lost control of steering and hit them. Situations like this often lead to workers’ compensation claims, as well as civil litigation. 

Rescuers from multiple local departments arrived at the scene to provide emergency assistance. The driver of the pickup truck was not hurt. Several of the people who suffered injuries were transported to area hospitals.  

Navigating the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision 

When a collision occurs on a work site or, as in this case, at a company event, those who suffered injuries while present at the event in an official capacity may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. Visitors or guests who suffer injury in a motor vehicle accident while attending a special event may file a personal injury claim in civil court if there is evidence to prove that driver negligence was a causal factor of the incident.  

For workers, it is best to inform an employer as soon as possible that workplace injuries have occurred. It is also best to provide as many details as possible when filing a workers’ comp claim. Lack of detail may result in denial of a claim. However, even if a claim is denied, a worker can seek legal support to file an appeal. An attorney with experience in Missouri workers’ comp laws will provide guidance and support throughout the claims or appeals process. 

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