3 issues causing credit card debt in Missouri

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Missouri is not the only state with residents experiencing financial crises right now. Throughout the country, the average family is struggling to make ends meet. Many people have accrued substantial credit card debt and are now looking for ways to resolve the issue, especially in cases where the income is not enough to restore financial stability.  

There are several issues that often lead to high levels of credit card debt. The good news is that there are also often viable options available to provide debt relief and lay the groundwork for a stronger financial future. Anyone struggling to stay afloat can explore these options to determine which one best fits the circumstances. Understanding the issues that often create debt may help prevent it in the future, as well.  

Credit card debt is likelier for those without a budget 

Failure to budget is one of the top causes of credit card debt in Missouri and beyond. A budget in its simplest form would include itemizing recurring debts, as well as planned expenses for a particular month. Calculate income and deduct expenses. If there is not enough income to cover the debt, it is a good idea to seek financial guidance from someone who can help design a more effective budget.  

It is always better to pay more than the minimum payment 

When times are tough financially, many people just pay the minimum payment due on a credit card. This approach can backfire and increase credit card debt, however. What happens is that people continue to make only the minimum payment, even if they have funds on hand to send more. It is always best to pay the highest amount possible every month. If things get out of hand, it is a good idea to explore debt relief options, such as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which are valuable financial tools that enable a person with debt to wipe the slate clean and start afresh or to lower monthly payments or extend the life of a loan. 

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