Workplace accidents a top concern for Amazon employees

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Reportedly, Amazon employees comprise 36% of the warehouse worker industry. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says the rate of on-the-job injuries at the company is too high. Of all workplace accidents resulting in injuries to employees in the industry, more than half of them occur at Amazon facilities.

Amazon representatives say that their warehouses have had a 24% reduction in worker injuries. OSHA basically responded by saying that’s a good start but workers are still suffering injuries that require time off work for recovery far too often. Several workers have spoken publicly about their injuries; one woman says she is dedicated to fighting for better working conditions for herself and her co-workers.

Workplace accidents often cause permanent disabilities

A former employee of Amazon says he hates ordering online from the company because he knows what warehouse workers must endure to fulfill an order. He suffered a herniated disc and needed neck surgery when he was working at a distribution center and a conveyor belt malfunctioned, causing his injuries. He says he will live with the repercussions of the accident for the rest of his life. Another woman, a widow with seven children, has to wear a brace while working because the rigorous pace of heavy lifting caused her to tear tendons in her wrist.

Warehouse workers are entitled to safe working conditions

Amazon is one of many companies that OSHA has cited for unsafe working conditions. While some jobs are simply more grueling than others, workers in every industry can expect employers to provide training and equipment, and to implement policies that help them avoid workplace accidents. Such accidents often lead to workers’ comp claims and third-party legal claims, in which case it benefits a worker to seek support from an experienced workers’ compensation law attorney.

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