Teaching your teen to drive safely

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It is an exciting time for any teen when they finally get their driver’s license. The feeling of independence and that they can finally drive around town independently without depending on their parents is wonderful for them.

Driving risks are real

Driving does not come without risks, however, especially for young and inexperienced drivers, which is why parents must ensure that their teen is prepared to drive safely.

In addition to teaching by example, which is genuinely one of the most compelling ways to teach, parents can encourage safe driving by:

  1. Having a sit-down conversation with them about the most significant and common risks associated with teen driving, such as distracted driving, ignoring speed limits and doing nothing when they hear or smell something odd with the car they are driving.
  2. Driving alongside them frequently when they first receive their permits and driver’s license.
  3. Taking them to the vehicle repair shop with you so they understand what happens when something goes wrong with the car and what they should and can do.
  4. Sign them up for roadside assistance and give them all the necessary information for them to be able to contact them if they have any problems with their vehicle while on the road.
  5. Talk to them about pedestrian safety and the importance of looking out for people, no matter where they are. Even though there are designated places for people to cross streets, running over a person can get them in serious legal trouble.
  6. Incentivize your teenager by offering them something they enjoy, either something they have been wanting to buy or an experience they have been wanting to do if they drive safely for a certain amount of time.

Getting a driver’s license is a dream come true for most teenagers. It is critical to remember that the rational part of their brain is not fully developed until they are about 25.

It is possible to join your teenager in the excitement of finally getting their driver’s permit or license while simultaneously helping them internalize the rules, which takes time. With patience and encouragement, raising an intelligent, skilled driver is possible.

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