Speed was a likely factor in Missouri collision

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Missouri police were dispatched to an accident scene on a recent Friday night. Two vehicles were involved in the incident. Sadly, the collision will be counted among numerous other fatal crashes that have occurred throughout the state this year.  

A preliminary investigation showed that excessive speed was a factor in the collision. A vehicle that was navigating a turn off a southbound road was hit by a vehicle that was in the northbound lane, which police say was moving at a “high rate of speed.” A passenger in the vehicle that was hit was transported to a hospital but later died.  

Both drivers suffered serious injuries  

The drivers have so far survived their injuries and were also taken to local hospitals. Having been listed in serious condition, they must be closely monitored by medical teams because such injuries can suddenly cause a patient’s health to take a turn for the worse. Although the highway was shut down for several hours after the collision, it was re-opened to traffic shortly after midnight.  

Dealing with post-collision stress  

It can take weeks or longer to fully recover from a Missouri collision. For those who have lost a loved one, life will never be the same. Planning a burial is just one of many stressful issues that grieving families often face when a family member was killed in a car accident. In similar cases where speed may have been a factor, an immediate family member may pursue litigation, citing driver negligence as the cause of a loved one’s death. If the court rules in the family member’s favor, monetary relief will likely be awarded.  

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