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When an accident occurs in Missouri, the top priority is always to obtain medical attention for anyone involved. This is true whether the incident was a motor vehicle crash, a sports injury or an accident in the workplace. One of the most common personal injuries in an accident is a concussion.

If a head hits a hard surface or is violently shaken, a concussion — one type of brain injury — may occur. In milder cases, several weeks of quiet and darkened rooms may help a concussed patient achieve a full recovery. However, in many cases, more severe brain trauma occurs, which can have lasting effects, including the possible development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Repeat concussions can cause serious health problems

If personal injuries result in a concussion for someone who has had a similar injury in the past, the risk of CTE, which is a progressive brain disease, is high. Millions of adults and children throughout the United States suffer concussions every year, and at least, 150 deaths occur every day due to brain injuries. In addition to headache and dizziness, a severe concussion can cause vision trouble, as well as a confused mental state and numerous other symptoms.

When another person’s negligence causes a brain injury

When personal injuries include brain trauma, extensive medical care is often needed to help a patient recover. For those with CTE, ongoing meetings with a neurologist may be needed as well. If a motor vehicle collision, sports accident or workplace injury was caused by negligence, the person who caused the injury may be financially responsible for damages. By asking an experienced Missouri attorney to review a case, a recovering accident victim can learn how to pursue a personal injury claim in civil court.

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