Workers’ comp issues for unmarried Missouri workers

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Every state, including Missouri, has its own employment laws. Most employers must purchase insurance to provide financial assistance to workers who suffer injuries on the job. Following a recent tragedy in a construction zone, several people have called for reform in the state’s workers’ compensation laws.

The tragedy occurred when a vehicle driven by a person who had a medical emergency at the wheel careened into a construction zone, striking several workers, one of whom was a woman who was six months pregnant. Sadly, both she and her baby suffered fatal injuries in the collision. However, as the mother of the deceased worker told reporters, Missouri law states that if a worker dies who was unmarried or did not have minor children at the time, the benefits the workers’ comp program is not obligated to provide benefits, not even for funeral expenses.

A wrongful death claim was dismissed in this case

The mother of the woman who was killed in a motor vehicle collision on a job site filed a wrongful death claim in court. However, the state dismissed the case, stating that the employer is not culpable for damages according to state law. MoDot attempted to have a claim filed on behalf of the unborn child dismissed, as well, stating that he should not be considered an employee. The woman’s mother said she was thankful that the court did not grant the dismissal.

Where to seek support for workers’ comp issues

A recovering worker who suffered injuries on the job or immediate family member seeking benefits or wishing to file a wrongful death claim may want to meet with an experienced attorney before heading to court. This can be a complex area of law that is highly stressful to litigate. It is helpful to ask an attorney to act on one’s behalf in court.

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