Keep watch for latent injuries after a collision

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When two or more vehicles collide on a Missouri roadway, the aftermath of the incident may be anything from somewhat stressful to catastrophic. A swift response from first responders and other rescuers often makes a significant difference in a surviving accident victim’s condition. However, not all injuries are immediately apparent, which is why recovering victims should closely monitor their conditions in the days and weeks that follow a collision.

There are many types of latent injuries that often occur in car accidents. A person who was hit from behind, for instance, might develop pain or become immobile in the upper body hours after the initial impact, or, even, days later. It is always best to report any lingering or new symptom to a health care provider, being sure to make note of the recent motor vehicle crash.

Most common types of delayed injuries regarding car accidents

While an injury itself may be present upon impact in a motor vehicle collision, it is, in fact, symptoms of injury that might be delayed, making a person unaware of his or her condition at first. The following list shows symptoms that may develop in the hours or days following a car crash, which are signs of latent injuries:

  • Numbness or tingling in any part of the body
  • Atypical or erratic behavior or emotions
  • Abdominal pain
  • Head, neck or back pain

Experiencing any of these issues in the aftermath of a car accident suggests that there may be an underlying injury that went unnoticed at the time of the incident. Numbness and tingling are often signs of traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injuries. Abdominal pain suggests internal organ damage.

Obtaining medical treatment and proper care

If delayed injuries occur as a result of Missouri collision, a recovering accident victim may need immediate, as well as long-term medical care. If someone’s negligence or reckless behavior was the cause of the accident, a personal injury claim may be filed by the person who was injured as a result. Monetary damages may not only include physical injury but emotional trauma and economic distress, as well.

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