Excessive speed may have caused fatal collision

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No matter how cautious and alert a person is while driving, he or she cannot control the behavior of other Missouri motorists in the vicinity. Sometimes, it is possible to avoid a crash by safely exiting a roadway or creating distance between one’s vehicle and another driver who is making dangerous moves. Other times, however, there is little to no time to avert disaster, as was evident in recent fatal collision that was reportedly caused by a drunk driver.  

Two women were traveling together in Springfield on a recent Sunday. Both were in their 30s. The woman who was driving at the time was attempting to make a turn when her vehicle was struck by a pickup truck that was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed. Sadly, both women suffered fatal injuries in the collision.  

A 22-year-old man was driving the pickup truck 

After determining that both women were dead, police continued their preliminary investigations of the incident. They later stated that excessive speed was undoubtedly a causal factor in the collision. Police also arrested the pickup driver for suspected drunk driving.  

Police department representative issued a statement 

A man speaking on behalf of the Springfield Missouri Police Department said that this recent tragedy is proof that driving under the influence of alcohol puts people in harm’s way. The devastation of learning that a loved one was killed in a drunk driving accident has brought great suffering and sorrow to many Missouri families through the years. In such cases, an immediate family member may seek restitution in. civil court by filing a wrongful death claim against the person deemed responsible for the loss of his or her loved one.  

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