Missouri plus winter equals collisions

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As anyone who has lived here between the months of November and March would understand, Missouri gets a lot of snow in the winter. Other issues, such as freezing temperatures, sleet, ice and fog, cause an increased safety risk when traveling by motor vehicle. Winter months often include high numbers of collisions, especially when drivers fail to proceed with caution.  

Drivers must slow down on slippery roads 

If a posted speed limit says that drivers may accelerate to 55 miles per hour on a certain road, that does not necessarily mean it is safe to do so in all circumstances. The average licensed driver understands that he or she must slow down if inclement weather is causing poor road conditions, such as slush, snow or ice. Traveling too fast can cause a driver to lose control of steering, sending his or her vehicle into a spin, which is a primary cause of collision during winter months.  

Following too closely is dangerous, especially in winter 

Black ice is often present on Missouri roadways in winter. Collisions often occur when a driver misjudges the distance needed to come to a full stop. If someone is following too closely behind another vehicle and hits a patch of black ice or slush, etc., a rear-end collision might occur. Many people instinctively slam on their breaks in such situations, which can make matters even worse if the car goes into a skid.  

Watch out for drivers who veer out of their lanes 

Even on dry roads, a driver who is distracted, intoxicated or otherwise impaired may have difficulty maintaining proper lane position. On a slippery surface, especially if a driver is going too fast for current road conditions, a vehicle might veer across the yellow line, causing a collision. Situations like this often lead to chain reaction crashes involving many vehicles. Every motorist is obligated to exercise caution at all times, especially if winter road conditions are poor. If a Missouri traveler suffers injury because of another driver’s negligence, he or she can seek financial recovery for losses by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.  

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