What Missouri law says about workplace injuries

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No Missouri worker has a 100% guarantee that he or she will never suffer injury in a workplace accident. However, employers are obligated to try to reduce the number of workplace injuries in their companies by providing proper training, information and equipment to help workers stay safe as they carry out their duties during the normal course of an average work day. If an injury does occur, there are several things an injured worker should know.

First, it is imperative that injured workers seek medical care, even if a particular employee thinks he or she is okay. It is always best to obtain a medical examination because it creates written documentation of the incident. It is also important that employees report their injuriesto their employers as soon as possible after an accident occurs. In fact, if an injured worker waits longer than 30 days to report his or her accident to an employer, it can impede his or her ability to collect benefits via the workers’ compensation program.

There are numerous types of benefits, but there is no “one size fits all” package. There are eligibility requirements that must be satisfied to apply for any type of benefit. Navigating the workers’ compensation system can be stressful, especially if the insurer is trying to deny a claim. Recovery is stressful enough without having to deal with all sorts of legal complications.

A Missouri worker has every right to rely on an experienced workers’ compensation law attorney for support. The lawyer can advocate on behalf of an injured worker. This is particularly helpful when a claim is denied or a worker is unsure what type of benefits he or she may be eligible to collect.

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