Missouri collision resulted in 2 fatalities

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A Missouri community is grieving after a horrific crash in Kansas City on a recent Sunday morning. The collision involved two vehicles, one of which was headed the wrong way on the road. The mother of one of the fatally injured victims issued a statement saying the man who caused her daughter’s death should be held accountable.

The woman’s daughter leaves behind a 6-year-old daughter of her own. Her traveling companion was also a young mother of two. The pair had reportedly been to an event together and were headed back to the home of one of them.

They were going through a neighborhood that is said to be a problem area for speeders who reportedly fly off the nearby 71 Highway. In fact, investigators say the man driving the car that crashed into the other vehicle was speeding at the time of the collision. He veered into the eastbound lane from a westbound direction and slammed into the front of the women’s car.

The civil justice system provides the opportunity for recourse to immediate family members who suffer the sudden death of a loved one in a collision caused by driver negligence. In such cases, a family member may file a wrongful death claim in civil court against the party or parties deemed responsible for the collision. Human life is irreplaceable; however, monetary judgments achieved in successfully litigated cases often provide financial reprieve to grieving families faced with funeral expenses and other financial distress associated with a loved one’s death.

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