Massive collision results in fatality, injuries to 2 children

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Missouri police often take weeks, even months to investigate car accidents. An investigation into a recent tragedy remains ongoing. The incident involved four vehicles, and it shut down the roadway to traffic for a number of hours.

Police say a pickup truck in the southbound lane initiated the accident. The initial impact occurred when the pickup rear-ended a car that was in front it. That first collision caused a chain reaction in which two other vehicles were involved. One of the drivers in the multi-car collision was later pronounced dead after rescuers transported her to the hospital.

A 72-year-old woman was driving one of the vehicles, accompanied by two toddlers. All three of them suffered injuries in the collision, though the children escaped serious injury. It was not reported if any traffic citations or criminal charges were issued or expected regarding the accident.

In Missouri and elsewhere, if driver negligence causes a collision that resulted in injuries to another person, that person may seek restitution in civil court by filing a personal injury. In a case where an accident victim has suffered fatal injuries, an immediate family member may file a claim on his or her behalf. If a person injured is a minor, a parent or legal guardian can act in his or her favor in court. Such litigation is often complex and stressful, which is why it pays to consult an experienced personal injury law attorney at the first opportunity, who can then become a personal advocate to protect a client’s rights and interests during ensuing legal proceedings.

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