Slips, trips and falls can easily cause workplace injuries

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For many Missouri residents, walking is an activity that they do every day and do not consider very dangerous. However, when on the job, walking can pose various risks, especially when other hazards are present. In fact, individuals could suffer workplace injuries from slips, trips and falls.

In almost every industry, slip, trip and fall hazards exist. Some issues that could contribute to these types of incidents include poor drainage that results in water on the floor and contaminants on floors, which could come from a variety of sources. Even the walking surfaces in a workplace could contribute to potential accidents, especially if carpet has tears or is loose, cracks or holes have formed in surfaces, or if weather conditions have caused the flooring to become slick from water or ice.

Though falls on same-level surfaces can cause serious injuries, it is also important to consider falls from heights. Individuals who must use step stools or ladders are at risk of falling, and they should receive training on the proper use of such equipment. It is also important to use the correct ladder for a particular job.

Of course, slip, trip and fall hazards can come in many more forms than those discussed here. As a result, it is important for Missouri workers and employers to remain vigilant when it comes to recognizing and addressing hazards. In the event that individuals do suffer workplace injuries, it may be in their best interests to gain information on workers’ compensation soon after the incident to better understand their benefits options.

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