Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers fast financial relief

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There are hundreds of ways to find yourself overwhelmed with debt, and the longer that it piles up, the more difficult it is to maintain a clear perspective. Often, the stress of financial debts clouds our minds and grinds our motivation to a halt, paralyzing us into doing nothing, because we often feel as though nothing can be done.

Fortunately, many people who have unsustainable debt may have the opportunity to discharge that debt with bankruptcy, with Chapter 7 bankruptcy being the most common and most widely available. Bankruptcy offers many advantages to consumers who choose to use it, providing relief not only from much of the debt itself, but also from the collections tactics of creditors.

Before throwing your hands up in defeat, be sure to look closely at the options a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can offer. With high quality legal tools and good guidance, you can use bankruptcy to find the relief you need and the mental room to move on to a new season of life.

Relief may be closer than you think

In the legal world, few things move as quickly as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Whereas a personal injury lawsuit may drag out for multiple years, the entire process of Chapter 7 typically takes only three to six months from the time you file to the time you discharge your debt. Considering the power that this process can wield, three months flies by in the blink of an eye.

The relief does not stop there. When you file and your application is accepted, your creditors may no longer continue collections efforts against the debt. This relief alone is often worth filing for many debtors. While the process of bankruptcy may take several years to cycle off of your credit reports and financial history, the relief from collections tactics is nearly immediate.

Don’t postpone the relief you need

You may be the only one who fully understands your financial circumstances, and the only one who can take steps to protect yourself through bankruptcy. If you cannot see any other reasonable way to resolve your debt burden, do not keep yourself under constant strain and stress from debts you cannot pay and collections tactics that are often emotionally devastating.

Your bankruptcy can be a fresh start financially, giving you the freedom to reset your life and your finances, and protecting your rights throughout the process. The next season of your life is right around the corner, as soon as you are willing to take action and claim it.

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