Missouri worker killed in workplace accident

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A Missouri community in Normandy is reeling following a recent fatal accident. It occurred at a community park where a public works director was supervising a tree-trimming project. Several trees in the area had been marked for removal. Workers had made a wedge cut in one hollow tree when something went wrong, resulting in a horrific workplace accident occurred.  

One worker, a 56-year-old man, had been with the company for approximately one year. His family and community are now grieving his loss after the tree that was marked for removal fell, killing him. Several members of the community were at the park and witnessed the tragedy.  

Public works director issued a statement 

The public works director who was onsite when the workplace accident occurred said that nothing appeared to be wrong until the tree toppled. The mayor of Normandy also expressed shock, saying it seems to have been a random fluke, which resulted in a terrible tragedy. Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigators are now working to determine how and why the worker came to be directly under the tree when it fell.  

Workers’ compensation benefits for grieving families 

When a Missouri worker suffers fatal injuries in a workplace accident the workers’ compensation program often provides survivors’ benefits to the decedent’s family. These funds can help with funeral expenses and loss of income, especially if the victim was the primary income earner in the home. A spouse may have difficulty navigating the system, which is why it is helpful to seek legal guidance ahead of time. 

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