Tragic Missouri collision results in two fatalities

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On a recent Sunday evening, a tragedy occurred on U.S. Highway 64, in Missouri. Two vehicles were involved in a crash. The incident resulted in multiple deaths and serious injuries to another. Investigators are still working to determine what exactly caused one of the vehicles to veer into an oncoming lane.  

Those who died were ages 57 and 27. The latter was a young woman who had survived the initial impact of the crash. Sadly, however, she later succumbed to her injuries after being transported to an area hospital for emergency care. The 57-year-old, a male, was behind the wheel of the car that had crossed over the yellow line and struck another vehicle in the oncoming lane.  

A third victim is still recovering 

A 31-year-old man was also traveling in the vehicle that was struck by the wrong-way driver. He was flown by helicopter to a hospital that was equipped to treat his injuries. This is, no doubt, not the first time a driver has veered into an oncoming lane on U.S. Highway 64. Such tragedies often occur when motorists are distracted, fatigued or intoxicated at the wheel.  

Life can be challenging for those who survive their injuries 

When a person survives a Missouri collision that has ended fatally for others, recovery can be arduous and challenging. Severe injuries often require repeated medical treatments, and some result in permanent disability, which can spur a whole separate set of distressing issues, such as inability to work, chronic pain or financial crisis. State law allows a recovering victim, or an immediate family member of a deceased victim, to seek compensation for damages. When the person responsible for the collision has also died, a claim can be filed against his or her estate. 

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