What to expect if you need to file a workers’ compensation claim

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Workers have the right to seek financial recovery and support if they suffer an injury in the workplace. Through the workers’ compensation system, a Missouri employee can seek the benefits he or she needs to recover, address financial needs and eventually get back to work. You may understand that you have a right to these benefits, but you may not be sure what benefits you could claim or how to navigate the application process.

Each worker will benefit from understanding what to do in the event of a work accident. The steps you take following a work injury or after becoming ill due to your job could impact your ability to secure the recovery you deserve. The workers’ compensation claims process can be complex, but when you understand what to expect, you may be able to prevent setbacks and complications.

First steps after an accident

What you do in the hours, days and weeks after your work accident are important. One of the most important first steps to take is to report your accident to your employer, second only to seeking appropriate medical attention. In an emergency situation, it is most important to get the injured party the right help as soon as possible. However, even if it is not an emergency situation, you will need to see a doctor. This could establish a diagnosis of your injuries, as well as provide important documentation of how the injuries are affecting your life.

After telling your employer of the accident, he or she may provide you with a workers’ compensation claim you will need to fill out. This will require information about what happened, the nature of your injuries, witnesses who saw what happened and other details. Your employer cannot prevent you from seeking your rightful workers’ compensation benefits after an accident.

Help at every step

Seeking workers’ compensation benefits can be complicated, especially when dealing with a serious injury. Through a workers’ comp claim, you can seek what you need to cover your medical bills, pursue recovery of some of your lost wages and secure what you need to return to work. Due to the complex nature of this insurance claims process, you may find it beneficial to seek legal guidance at every step, even during the completion of your claims forms.

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