Tragic motor vehicle accident in Cass County

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There have been more than 40 fatal collisions in Missouri this year, and there are still nearly three months to go before the year’s end. Certain issues increase the likelihood of such disasters, including distracted or intoxicated driving. Investigators are still working to determine exactly what may have caused a two-vehicle crash that occurred on a recent Sunday in Cass County.

Even if a driver is cautious and alert behind the wheel, unexpected issues can arise while traveling. Such incidents often happen so quickly that a motorist does not have enough time to avoid a collision. In the recent incident, a 44-year-old man was driving along when another vehicle suddenly entered his path, causing the two cars to collide.

All of the victims initially survived their injuries

In the immediate aftermath of the crash, the man, as well as the two occupants of the other vehicle survived their injuries. Rescue teams worked swiftly to transport each person to an emergency room for treatment. The people in the car that had crossed into the other vehicle’s path survived.

Sadly, however, the man in the other vehicle succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. In Missouri and all other states, if another driver’s negligence is responsible for a collision that results in fatal injuries, an immediate family member of the decedent is able to seek justice by filing a wrongful death claim. Such cases often result in compensation that grieving families may use to help alleviate financial distress associated with a loved one’s death, such as funeral expenses or medical bills from treatment provided before the victim passed away.

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