Is a property owner liable for injuries?

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What if a person slips and falls, outside or indoors, on someone else’s property? If the person suffers injuries, who is responsible for medical expenses or other damages that result from the accident? Property owners are obligated to maintain safe premises for guests and visitors.

If a property owner is aware of a safety hazard, he or she is obligated to make sure it is rectified before inviting people to the property or to inform them of the hazard so that they may avoid it. Various issues can make an area dangerous, such as a slippery floor, broken handrail on a stairway, torn or bunched up carpeting, and more. Whether the property owner was aware of the situation and how long it had been that way before someone slipped and fell because of it are factors to consider when assessing if liability exists.

Premises liability laws apply to private residences, commercial properties

If the owner of a building wasn’t aware of a safety hazard, but should have been, anyone who is injured as a result can seek financial recovery for his or her losses in court. Tripping or slipping and falling can result in severe injuries, such as broken bones, concussion, an injured back or neck and more. Many such injuries prevent people from being able to work.

Someone recovering from a slip-and-fall accident may choose to file a personal injury claim in civil court. He or she would then be tasked with proving in court that the defendant was negligent and that his or her negligence was a direct cause of injury. This type of litigation can be complicated and stressful, which is why it is a good idea to rely upon experienced legal representation at every stage of the proceedings.

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