70 vehicles in massive Missouri collision

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Last week, a Missouri highway was the scene of a horrific collision. The crash occurred in the northbound and southbound lanes of Interstate 57. There were at least 70 vehicles involved, 20 of which were tractor-trailers.  

The tragedy occurred at about 8 a.m. Investigators said they were working to determine whether morning fog may have been a factor in the accident. Highway closure stretched for 13 miles after the pileup. At least three area hospitals and two air ambulances contributed to the rescue effort.  

A community in mourning 

The carnage that resulted after the 70-vehicle collision was massive. Sadly, five people did not survive their injuries. It took as many as 12 ambulances to transport accident victims to medical facilities for treatment. The local sheriff’s department issued a statement offering condolences to all the families who lost loved ones or had family members who suffered injuries in the crash.  

The aftereffects of a massive collision are far-reaching 

When 70 vehicles collide on a Missouri highway, it can take weeks, even months to conclude an investigation. Collisions like this are often caused by driver negligence. When that is the case, a recovering victim or immediate family member of a fatally injured victim may seek justice by filing a legal claim in a civil court. Such claims often result in court-ordered compensation that can help victims offset expenses associated with a particular collision. 

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