What are your options after a slip-and-fall accident?

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After a fall on public or private property, you may feel a sense of embarrassment and uncertainty regarding what to do next. While you may be under the impression that your fall was your fault, perhaps the result of your own clumsiness, you could be the victim of dangerous property conditions. Factors beyond your control, such as negligent maintenance, could be to blame for what happened to you. 

After any type of fall, it may be in your interests to carefully evaluate the circumstances of your accident. If you believe that property conditions and other preventable hazards caused your fall and resulted in your injuries, you could have grounds for a premises liability claim. You may be able to pursue compensation for your losses and secure what you require for a full and fair recovery, including ongoing medical needs. 

Identifying the at-fault party 

One of the first and most crucial aspects of a premises liability claim is identifying the responsible party. It is possible the property owner, property manager, local municipality or other parties are to blame. Generally, property owners are responsible for maintaining reasonably safe property conditions in order to protect the interests of visitors. When considering a premises liability claim, a court may take the following into consideration: 

  • Whether the injured party was a trespasser on the property at the time 
  • Condition of the property at the time of the accident 
  • Legal status of the visitor when hurt 
  • Actions of the property owner and the visitor  
  • Whether both the visitor and the owner are responsible for the accident 

The validity of your claim depends on factors that include why you were on the property at the time of the accident, condition of the property, how the owner acted before and after your injury and much more. A careful evaluation of the situation can determine how you can move forward from this point. 

Picking up the pieces 

A fall can be a detrimental event in your life, leaving you with serious injuries and other complications. It may be in your interests to explore the possibility of seeking compensation through a premises liability claim. This course of action allows you to seek recovery of your losses while also holding responsible parties accountable for allowing dangerous property conditions that resulted in your harm. 

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