Multiple collisions result in tragedy in Missouri

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In Missouri and elsewhere, there is often a lot of traffic on Saturday nights. A recent evening on MO 291 was no different; however, the highway became the scene of a tragedy when multiple collisions occurred within moments of each other. The person behind of the wheel in the vehicle that struck another car in the first crash was killed. Numerous others suffered injuries as well.  

Police say the man hit a vehicle that was turning left 

Preliminary investigations show that a man traveling southbound on MO 291 struck a westbound vehicle that was making a left turn. The driver in the southbound vehicle then careened across a median, causing a head-on collision with another car. The driver of the vehicle going the wrong way was ejected from his vehicle upon impact.  

Moments later, another vehicle struck the man. Rescuers transported him to a hospital, but he did not survive. A juvenile passenger in the vehicle that was struck head-on suffered life-threatening injuries. Sadly, numerous other people involved in the chain-reaction collisions also suffered injuries of varying degrees. 

Collisions like this often result in litigation in civil court 

Collisions resulting in life-threatening or fatal injuries are often blamed on driver negligence. Missouri law enables a recovering victim to file a personal injury claim in such circumstances in order to seek restitution for damages in court. If the person deemed responsible for a specific collision did not survive, a claim may still be filed against his or her estate.  

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