You can sue Amazon for product liability

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If a Missouri consumer suffers injury because of a defective product, he or she may have grounds to seek compensation for damages. In many cases, consumers file product liability lawsuits against third parties. For instance, if a person suffers an on-the-job injury because a piece of equipment was defective, he or she may be able to sue the manufacturer of the equipment in a third-party lawsuit.  

Appellate court rules that people can sue Amazon  

Most Missouri consumers are familiar with, the world’s largest online commerce venue that features third-party sales of products in a variety of categories. An appellate court judge recently ruled that those consumers who suffer injuries when using products purchased on Amazon may seek restitution by filing product liability claims against the online shopping mogul. The court rejected Amazon’s description of itself as merely an “online mall,” stating that malls do not typically handle communication between buyers and sellers regarding purchase transactions, which, in fact, Amazon does. 

A woman filed a lawsuit after suffering burn injuries 

A woman who purchased a hoverboard toy for her son via Amazon filed a product liability lawsuit after suffering severe burn injuries when the toy caught fire while it was being electrically charged. Amazon wound up pulling the product from its “shelves” when additional reports of similar injuries started coming in. However, the appellate court ruled that Amazon is liable since it acted as a direct link between the buyer and seller. A lower court had ruled in favor of Amazon in this case; however, the appellate court judge has overturned the ruling.  

Things to know regarding product liability litigation 

In Missouri and beyond, a consumer may seek justice against any and all parties deemed responsible for damages that occur while using purchased products. A plaintiff in such a case would have to prove that the defendant was negligent and that said negligence was a direct cause of injury. This type of litigation is often complex and stressful, which is why most people considering filing such claims seek support from experienced personal injury law attorneys before heading to court. 

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