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Whether you work behind a desk and suffered an on-the-job injury when you slipped on a wet floor on your way to the water cooler, or you happen to work in a high-risk Missouri industry such as construction or agriculture and were involved in a workplace accident, your recovery hinges on your ability to obtain the care, treatment and support you need. Workers’ compensation benefits can typically help in many ways, including providing funds to cover medical expenses and replace lost wages if you have to take time off work.

Submitting a claim can be stressful, especially if it is denied

If you know that you’re entitled to workers’ compensation, you can reasonably expect that you will be able to collect the benefits in question if you follow the proper protocol to submit a claim. If your employer refuses to cooperate regarding your workers’ compensation claim, it can make an already stressful recovery process even worse. Were you terminated from your position after requesting time off work to recover from an injury? Situations like this often raise issues under both workers’ compensation law and employment law.

Workers’ compensation issues are often complex

While you might assume that the system will work the way it’s supposed to if you suffer an on-the-job injury and file a workers’ compensation claim, it doesn’t always turn out that way. Even though your employer might fulfill his or her obligations to process your claim, an insurance company may still try to deny it. This doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t collect benefits because many cases wind up going through on appeal.

Connect with a strong support network from the start

If you have suffered a moderate to severe injury in a workplace accident, you’ll no doubt need time and specialized care to help you achieve as full a recovery as possible. You shouldn’t have to stress over financial or legal issues in the meantime. Tarry Law Firm, L.L.C., is committed to providing strong support to recovering Missouri workers who have encountered legal obstacles in the workers’ compensation claims process. An experienced legal team can fight your battles for you so that you can focus on getting the rest and care you need to recover.

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