One Missouri collision led to several more

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Noontime in Missouri and elsewhere often includes heavy amounts of traffic. On a recent Monday, police were dispatched to the scene of a collision. Sadly, there was a fatality, as well as several other people who suffered injuries. Investigators are still working to determine what exactly may have caused the collision to occur.

A truck veered out of control

Police say that preliminary investigations revealed that the driver of the vehicle in question lost control of steering. The vehicle careened out of its lane and struck a nearby rock bluff. The driver suffered fatal injuries. Two passengers that were traveling in the same vehicle at the time also suffered injuries in the crash.

More collisions occurred while police were investigating

While police and other rescuers were assessing the scene and rendering aid to victims as they were able, several other collisions occurred on the same section of road. Most accidents of this nature turn out to have been caused by driver negligence. Sometimes, a driver suffers an unanticipated medical emergency moments before a collision.

Seeking financial recovery for losses in a Missouri collision

In Missouri and all other states, if a person suffers injury in a collision that another driver’s negligence caused, he or she may seek restitution by filing a legal claim in a civil court. If a recovering victim files such a claim, he or she is then tasked with providing evidence to convince the judge or jury that driver negligence occurred and was a direct cause of damages. If the person deemed responsible is deceased, a legal claim may still be filed against his or her estate.

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