Missouri collision victim awakens from coma

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A tragedy recently occurred in Missouri that left a 4-year-old girl lying in a coma. She had been a passenger in a car where the driver had stopped to help another motorist who had run out of gas on the road. While assistance was being rendered to the disabled vehicle’s driver, another vehicle came upon the scene and struck the car in which the little girl was sitting. A GoFundMe page was launched to help the child’s family with her medical expenses.

Police suspected driver intoxication

The man who was driving the vehicle that struck the vehicle carrying the little girl submitted to field sobriety tests at the scene. The police officer who administered the test stated that the driver showed numerous signs of impairment when he performed the tests. Investigators also say the driver admitted to having consumed several alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel and also that he had a prescription for Adderall.

The child was comatose for many days

The child had been in a coma for nearly two weeks when she finally became conscious again. The 35-year-old driver deemed responsible for the collision is still undergoing investigation at this time. Cases like this often lead to criminal charges if a driver’s blood alcohol content level is determined to have been above the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle when a collision occurred.

A parent or guardian may seek justice for a child

Similar cases in Missouri have also often led to personal injury litigation when a parent or guardian of an injured child seeks restitution on his or her behalf in a civil court. When an injury claim is filed, the plaintiff is tasked with proving that a defendant was negligent and that his or her negligence was directly responsible for damages. When the court awards compensation to a plaintiff, he or she may use it to cover medical bills or other expenses associated with the collision.

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