Personal injury: Missouri roads high-risk in winter

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Licensed drivers who move to Missouri from a southern state may encounter challenges during their first winter on the road. Inclement weather, like freezing rain or heavy snowfall, often affects road conditions. If every driver would adhere to traffic laws and exhibit safety precautions behind the wheel, the number of collisions resulting in personal injury might see a reduction.

For instance, when there are icy patches or snow on the ground, there is less tire traction while driving. If a driver does not lower his or her speed to adapt to these conditions, he or she may not be able to stop in time if traffic slows or comes to a stop. It is also possible to lose control of steering if a driver is traveling too fast and hits black ice or slippery patches on the road.

It is always a good idea to increase one’s following distance when driving in inclement weather. A good rule of thumb is to stay five to six seconds behind the car in front. It takes a lot longer to come to a full stop on a slippery road, and increasing distance between vehicles increases the chances of being able to avoid a rear-end collision if the vehicle in front comes to a stop.

In a perfect world, every Missouri driver would adhere to all safety regulations and state driving laws. In reality, during winter, there are distracted drivers, sleepy drivers and intoxicated drivers on the road. If driver negligence causes a collision that results in injury to another person, the recovering victim is able to seek restitution in a civil court by filing a personal injury claim against the party deemed responsible for damages.

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