Major court victory for injured worker in another state

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When a Missouri employee reports for work each day, it is expected that the employer in question has fulfilled the company’s obligation to provide proper training, information and safety equipment to help the worker avoided on-the-job injuries. A man in another state who had been a truck driver his entire life suffered a catastrophic injury when a massive piece of equipment failed. His case went to trial, and a jury recently awarded him more than $4 million.

The man was working in the construction industry when a piece of equipment weighing approximately 2,200 pounds broke and fell on him, nearly amputating his ankle. The failed equipment was a water system component of a massive machine that pulverizes asphalt. The worker’s foot was saved, but he has been enduring a long, arduous recovery and has suffered permanent disability because of his injuries.

His attorneys said there was a design flaw in the equipment. The heavy piece was held in place and balanced on a tripod that was fastened by pin rods screwed into holes. One of those holes was reportedly misshapen, which caused that particular leg of the tripod to shift, causing the equipment to become unstable.

The jury agreed with the worker’s attorneys that evidence proved a design flaw caused the equipment to fail, resulting in the worker’s severe injuries. Any Missouri worker who believes he or she has grounds for a workers’ compensation or product liability claim may request a meeting with an experienced attorney to discuss his or her case. Court-awarded compensation often helps recovering workers cover medical bills and other expenses associated with their injuries.

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