Massive collision in Missouri seriously injures 2 people

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A recent collision in Missouri involving numerous vehicles was blamed by law enforcement on a truck driver who apparently failed to stop at a construction zone. It only takes a moment for tragedy to occur on a busy roadway. In this case, two people wound up seriously injured and animals that were being hauled on the truck were killed in the crash.

Authorities say that the 64-year-old truck driver did not hit his brakes in time when approaching a construction zone stop sign. He hit a vehicle driven by a 16-year-old girl. Her car wound up in a ditch. That crash sparked multiple other accidents when several cars and tractor-trailers were unable to avert disaster. In all, seven vehicles were involved in the accident.

The truck that caused the initial collision was hauling a load of hogs. Most of them died when the vehicle overturned. The truck driver and the teenager in the first vehicle that was hit both suffered serious injuries. Thankfully, no one else was injured. The road was closed for several hours while work crews cleared the debris.

Missouri accidents like this one often lead to litigation when recovering victims file personal injury claims in court. Plaintiffs in such cases typically seek compensation for emotional, economic and physical damages. Before filing such a claim, it is helpful to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury law attorney, who can help gather evidence to prove the defendant’s negligence and can also advocate on a client’s behalf in court.

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