Missouri worker tragically injured

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In Missouri and all other states, employers must provide proper training and equipment to help keep employees safe in the workplace. Some jobs are undoubtedly more dangerous than others. However, any worker in any industry may unexpectedly suffer an injury in a workplace accident. When this happens, an injured worker may file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits to help him or her during recovery.

Sadly, some workplace accidents result in fatalities. Grief is intensified by the loss of a worker’s life. In many cases, the death of a worker often leads to changes in safety regulations or policies to help prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.

A tragedy took place in another state involving an auto mechanic at approximately 2 p.m. on a recent Friday. The man was employed at a truck repair company. He was reportedly working on the underside of a large propane truck when the accident occurred. The jack that was suspending the massive vehicle broke loose, crushing the man underneath the truck.

The worker was pronounced dead at the scene. In Missouri and beyond, grieving spouses and other immediate family members may obtain legal support in the aftermath of a loved one’s death on the job by requesting assistance from an experienced workers’ compensation law attorney. The process of filing a claim can be stressful, which is the last thing a family needs when mourning such a tragic loss. An attorney can remain on hand to help overcome any legal obstacles that arise, enabling family members to focus on their personal needs at home.

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