Motor vehicle accidents: Unsafe lane changes

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When a Missouri resident learns to drive, an instructor typically spends time reviewing traffic laws and teaching skills regarding lane changes. Unsafe lane changes are often causal factors in motor vehicle accidents. In fact, a recent collision on a rural highway resulted in a fatality, as well as injuries to another.

On a Monday morning a 63-year-old man was traveling in a westbound lane when he reportedly attempted to pass the vehicle in front of him by using the oncoming lane. There was a vehicle heading east at the time and the man’s car collided with it head-on. He did not survive the force of impact in the crash.

A 31-year-old woman was behind the wheel of the vehicle that was struck head-on. She suffered serious injuries in the collision. When a person is listed in serious condition, his or her vital signs may be unstable. While rescue workers and medical teams work hard to help stabilize a patient, the end result is not always favorable. It is not uncommon for an accident victim in serious condition to survive the initial force of impact but succumb to his or her injuries later.

Those deemed responsible for motor vehicle accidents in Missouri or elsewhere are often ordered by civil court judges to pay restitution. Such orders are issued when recovering victims seek compensation for damages in court and provide evidence to show that defendants were negligent in a manner that directly caused them injury. Any person considering filing a personal injury claim may seek support by requesting a meeting with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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