2 collisions on same Missouri roadway

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Travel time just after 5 a.m. during a recent Thursday morning turned disastrous on a particular stretch of Missouri highway. Two separate collisions occurred at the same location, at approximately the same time. There were numerous vehicles involved, and several people suffered personal injuries.

Investigators say there were a total of four vehicles involved in the two collisions. Rescuers transported five people to an area hospital for treatment of their injuries. Sadly, one of the accident victims was listed in critical condition.

The westbound lanes of the roadway were shut down for close to an hour after the crash. Making matters worse, investigators say that one of the drivers reportedly fled the scene in the immediate aftermath of the crash. If a person has been involved in a collision, it is unlawful to leave the scene of the accident unless police have granted permission to do so.

Missouri collisions such as these two accidents often lead to litigation. Recovering from minor or severe injuries takes time and can require specialized care, which can be expensive. If someone who suffered personal injury believes another person’s negligence was to blame, he or she may seek compensation for damages by filing a legal claim in a civil court. In such cases, the plaintiff is tasked with providing evidence to convince the judge or jury that another party was negligent and that said negligence directly caused economic, emotional or physical injury to the plaintiff.

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