Workers’ compensation can help after falls, other work accidents

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Safety hazards are everywhere. Many Missouri residents may have been going about their day normally only to end up injured while at work. The idea of a workplace accident may seem trivial to some individuals, but really, injury risks exist in all workplaces. If someone is injured on the job, workers’ compensation may be needed.

Of the many hazards that exist, slips and falls are among the most prevalent dangers in any workspace. Individuals could trip over cords or objects blocking a corridor or other path, and even if the fall takes place on a same-level surface, serious injuries could still result. If a fall takes place from a height, severe injuries are also likely. As a result, it is important that proper safety equipment is provided to workers and that spaces are kept clear from clutter, spills and other trip or slip hazards.

Additionally, falling objects can also pose serious risks to workers. Individuals who work in warehouses likely know that objects can be placed on high shelves or stacked to precarious heights. Unfortunately, if an improperly placed object falls or is knocked from a height, it could hit a worker below and lead to harm.

Even if individuals are aware of the obvious dangers of their jobs, they may not think of every situation in which an injury could occur. Regrettably, they may not even recognize something as a hazard until it causes them injury. If Missouri workers do suffer harm while on the job, they may be in need of workers’ compensation. These benefits can help address certain financial difficulties that can often result after an on-the-job accident.

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