What injuries do people suffer in slip and fall accidents?

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There are many different reasons that people in Missouri go to stores. That is because there are many different types of businesses. These businesses are set up in different ways depending on what they are selling and the specifications of the spaces they are renting. However, no matter what type business they have, they have a duty to ensure that their customers will be safe. This does not necessarily mean that they are liable for every accident that occurs, but they do need to keep the premises safe.

This is because sometimes people suffer significant injuries when they slip and fall. Some of the more common injuries are head injuries such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Many people also suffer broken bones or soft tissue injuries such as sprains or torn ligaments. They can also suffer spinal cord injuries as well as other types of injuries. Some of these like torn ligaments, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries can have very detrimental effects on the victim and take years to recover from them.

Therefore, the victim can incur significant medical bills. There could be surgeries that they need right away and then long-term rehabilitation. The victim may also not be able to work for a period of time and lose significant amounts of income as well. This can create a very difficult financial situation. Luckily the victim may be entitled to compensation from the property owner if the accident was caused by their negligence. This compensation can pay for the medical bills, lost income and other damages associated with the injury.

While most of the time people in Missouri go into stores and leave with just the items they purchased, not everyone is that lucky. There are many people who suffer serious injuries in slip and fall accidents because the store owner and their employees did not fulfil their duty to keep the premises free of dangerous conditions. The victims of these accidents can suffer both physically and financially. The physical problems can take time to heal but the victim may be entitled to compensation for the financial burdens. Consulting with an experienced attorney may be helpful to help protect one’s rights.

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