What can you do after a workers’ compensation claim denial?

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If you get hurt at work, you probably expect, rightfully so, that workers’ compensation will take care of you. After all, your employer pays into this state-run insurance program on your behalf. Shouldn’t you receive the benefits associated with your employment? Most people assume that navigating workers’ compensation paperwork and claims will be easy, but that can sometimes prove a mistake.

Unfortunately, people across Missouri find their claims denied for a wide range of reasons. Understanding how to properly apply for workers’ compensation is important. So too, is complying with all of the paperwork requirements by the insurance program and the medical requirements from your physician. People can find their claims denied for a wide range of reasons.

Even if you do everything right with regard to paperwork and reporting, you could still wind up with a denied claim. In those circumstances, it is important to understand your rights. Specifically, you have the right to appeal a decision related to workers’ compensation benefits if you believe the decision is unfair.

Filing an appeal for denied benefits requires timely action

Finding out that your claim got denied can leave you in a slump. You likely depended on those future workers’ compensation benefits to cover your bills and medical costs. Without an approved claim, you may feel worried about what you can do to pay your bills.

Don’t let your financial concerns and emotions prevent you from getting the benefits you want. Emotional upset can often lead to procrastination. Putting off dealing with your claim denial is a costly mistake. Every state has its own policies, and Missouri only gives you 20 days from the date of your rejection to file the initial request for an appeal.

Failing to file within that time frame could mean that you simply can’t get benefits. Taking action as soon as you receive notice of your application rejection is critical. Find out why your application didn’t receive approval, and then take action. Whether you need testimony from witnesses or more medical documentation, you need to take action to correct the problem.

You may need help to get the benefits you require

Between all of the paperwork and the deadlines, navigating workers’ compensation in Missouri is quite confusing. Small mistakes can have a huge financial impact for you and your family. That’s why anyone who has already had a claim denied should speak with an attorney who understands the state’s workers’ compensation program.

In fact, many times, it is best to work with an attorney for the entire claim process. Regardless of where you currently are in your efforts to receive workers’ compensation benefits, consulting with an attorney as soon as you can is likely in your best interests.

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