Common reasons for slip-and-fall accidents at stores

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While online shopping may be becoming more and more common in Missouri, people still need to go to stores and other places of business every day. This could be the grocery store, a convenience store, department stores or many other places. When people enter into these places the property owners have a duty to keep the floors free of dangerous conditions, which may cause people to fall or be injured in other ways.

There are many reasons that people may slip and fall, but some are more common than others. These reasons include, but are not limited to, the property owners failing to warn people of wet floors or not putting up barriers to prevent people from walking in wet areas. Sometimes the floors may have too much wax or be unevenly waxed creating different floor textures as people walk. The carpet could be worn or torn, rugs fray or are not put down all the way to the ground causing people to trip and many other factors.

If the property owner allows one of the dangerous conditions mentioned above or any other dangerous condition to occur and people fall and suffer injuries, the property owner may need to compensate the victim. This can be very valuable for the victim who may suffer significant injuries requiring extensive medical treatment and may not be able to work for a period of time. The compensation can pay for the medical bills and lost income if the person is unable to work.

Unfortunately many people fall in the various businesses in Missouri. In many situations this is because of the fact that the property owner did not keep the store clear of dangerous conditions. People can suffer many different types of injuries when they fall and while not all are serious some can have a major effect on the victims’ lives both physically and financially. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of compensation in these situations and may be able to protect people’s rights.

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