Traumatic brain injury after a collision

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The impact of a motor vehicle crash often has disastrous consequences. If a Missouri motorist is distracted or intoxicated and hits another car or a pedestrian, one or more people might suffer serious injuries. Especially if a person’s head hits the dashboard or a rear-end collisions causes his or her upper body to be violently shaken or thrust forward then back, there is a risk of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

A computerized tomography test shows images of the brain from many angles

A computerized tomography scan, often referred to as a CT or CAT scan, is often used to rule out or to diagnose a TBI. This is one of many reasons it is best to seek medical attention in the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle collision. A CAT scan takes x-ray pictures from various angles, resulting in a complete and detailed view of a person’s brain.

A Glascow Coma Scale (GCS) test may be used before a CT scan

Even before an emergency room physician orders a scan of a person’s brain after he or she has been in a car accident, a GCS test can help assess whether a brain injury has occurred. This assessment scale involves observing a patient’s ability to speak, as well as whether he or she opens and closes his or her eyes without being instructed to do so. Body movements, or lack thereof, are also observed to help determine whether someone has a TBI.

A person scoring eight or below on a GCS test would typically be diagnosed as having a severe brain injury. Nowadays, a blood test may also be used to determine if a person has a brain injury. There are certain proteins that move from the brain into the bloodstream when a person is concussed. In addition to seeking medical attention to determine whether a TBI has occurred, a person who has been involved in a collision may also want to speak with a personal injury law attorney, especially if he or she is considering filing a claim to seek compensation for damages.

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